What can I say... the guy is unbelievable!

When we were having computer problems we called a "computer professional". He charged an absorbadent amount and all the issues were not resolved. Nik was recommended by a friend who spoke very highly of him. I called Nik and he came that very same day. By the next day everything was resolved and working better than before and his price was more than reasonable.

Nik is professional, personable, reasonable and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend him, you won't be sorry.

Carmen O.
East Sandwich, MA

When I bought a new computer shortly after Christmas, a friend recommended I contact Nik to help me with the initial set up and transfer of files from my old computer. I talked to him on December 31st, and he offered to come to my house on New Year's Day! In two hours, Nik had everything installed, and all my important documents were available for me to use.

My husband and I found Nik to be professional, personable, efficient, and knowledgeable. Best of all, the convenience of having Nik come to the house for such an incredibly reasonable price was very appealing.

Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Nik to anyone who no longer wants to drag their computer half way across town only to be inconvenienced for several days at an extraordinary cost. Nik's the way to go - I promise!

Nancy H.
East Sandwich, MA

Nik has done computer and IT work for us for a number of years and has always done a great job for us. Good service and reasonable prices.

Dennis M.
Buzzards Bay, MA

Nik has been instrumental in resolving our many computer issues! In addition to responding immediately, his professionalism and technical knowledge far exceed the many "computer techs" we have used in the past. Nik is always willing to go the extra mile for his customers and will often go out of his way to pick up a needed piece of equipment.

The other great thing about Nik's Fix is the hourly rate; I no longer feel angst when I have an issue. I know I can call Nik and the resolution will be affordable. Thanks for bringing an honest approach back to computer repair!

Catherine W.
Bourne, MA

I had an old Powerbook G4 that was in real rough shape. It ran awfully slow, could not launch half the installed programs, could not read a CD or DVD, and the track pad was malfunctioning... and those were only some of the issues.

I gave my computer to Nik and in no time at all, he handed me back the G4 and I did not recognize it to be mine. After Nik was done with it, it was running better then my brand new MacBook Pro! The machine is still running flawlessly, and I still can not believe the amazing job Nik did.

Any computer issues I have, Mac or PC, Nik is the first person I call... and you should too. You will not be sorry!

Adam L.
Brookline, MA

Nik is professional, reliable and prompt. He went out of his way to fix my problem. He worked very hard to get everything done just right! I'll call him again.

Page F.
East Falmouth, MA

I recently had several problems with my laptop; both hardware and software. Nik worked tirelessly to diagnose and fix the software problem and was also able to pinpoint the hardware problem so that is could be quickly repaired under my warranty. I would recommend him highly and without reservation for any computer related issues. I count on my computer and feel comfortable knowing that he is available to fix whatever problems might arise.

Roe L.
Fairhaven, MA

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